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What's It All About?

Talking with a Professional Listener is Crucial to Navigating Life's Challenges!

When you explain yourself to a professional listener, you are able to refine your own thinking in ways that are clarifying.

You will also have the benefit of hearing what an objective observer thinks of your thoughts and ideas!

This process is how positive life solutions are created!

Talk Therapy and Life Counseling

Talking and writing about our thoughts, ideas, problems, and experiences is crucial to maintaining positive mental health.  

Because we cannot see ourselves the way others see us, it is important to talk with a professional listener who can provide some objectivity in helping you evaluate your thoughts, ideas and plans.  
This process of talking and listening and evaluating may make the difference between success and failure in life.    

To flourish requires...


P -  positive emotions 
E - engagement in life 
R -  healthy relationships 
M - meaning  
A - subjective achievement

We help our clients with all of life's issues...

  • The Single Life
  • Life After the Loss of a Spouse 
  • Dating 
  • Life Before and After Divorce 
  • Separation 
  • Children
  • Life Planning for Children 
  • Family Dynamics
  • Couple's Sex Therapy
  • Personal Conflict Resolution
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Career Counseling and Planning 
  • How to Create a Flourishing Life 
  • How to Pull Ourselves Out of a Hole
  • How to Deal with Disappointment or Failure

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