To be happy, we must flourish!
Flourishing requires positive emotions, engagement in life, healthy relationships, meaning, and subjective accomplishment!

To be happy, we must grow!  
Stagnation and too much comfort are the enemies of happiness! 

Remember:  P E R M A

It's the formula for improving your life!

P =  Positive emotions 
E = Engagement in life
R =  Relationship health
M = Meaning 
A =  Accomplishment

Let's create a plan for your life!

  • Divorce
  • Marriage and Family
  • Children
  • Family dynamics
  • Singles
  • Relationships 
  • Dating 
  • Sex Counseling
  • Career Planning
  • Workplace Conflict
Positive Psychology Counseling
Traditional counselors, therapists, and psychologists are only trained to help relieve human misery.  Relieving human misery is only half the battle. 
Positive counseling focuses on well-being and flourishing., the science of positive psychology. Learn how to create your own happiness.  We do not find happiness; we create it.  

We create our own lives through the choices we make.
If we don't like the results we are getting, we need to make different choices.
Mainstream Marriage Counseling Does Not Work!  Try a New Approach!
Positive psychology teaches that mainstream marriage counseling, in which spouses express their resentments and disappointments about the marriage, almost never benefits the husband. 

Men find such discussions to be threatening and painful and report feeling more distant from their wives after such sessions.
Spouses should focus on what each partner is doing right and learn how to amplify the positive on a daily basis. Spousal dwelling on negatives is almost never productive. 
Affection, respect, support and assistance, shared quality time and appreciation are the qualities that make for fulfilling and satisfying marriages and relationships. 
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